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Introducing…Maria Leonza and Her Sect (El Espiritismo Marialeoncero)

Posted by invizweb on November 10, 2009

via WikiMedia Commons

For the New York TimesSorte Journal, Simon Romero wrote:

María Lionza, with its ever-growing pantheon of saints and spirits, has emerged as one of the New World’s most malleable religions, blending Catholicism with West African traditions and many other customs. Across Venezuela, it is symbolized in statues depicting a sensuous María Lionza, an Indian woman riding a tapir — the South American herbivore related to the rhinoceros — while holding a human pelvis in her upstretched arms. As many as 30 percent of Venezuela’s 27 million people, from varying social classes, take part in its rites, according to anthropologists.

A video.


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