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HokutoKi 3rd World Kudo Championships @ Yoyogi This Weekend (Official Rules Included)

Posted by invizweb on November 13, 2009

This weekend, one of the biggest combat sports events takes place this weekend (November 14-15, 2009):  The HokutoKi 3rd World Kudo Championships, hosted by the Kudo International Federation (KIF) Daidojuku, will be held at the Yoyogi  National No. 2 Stadium (home of former Inviz Web guest Dr Keith Lipinski).  How would one describe the sport of KuDo? Remember this video posted?  Here is another one:

And here is a pdf of the official rule book.  Note that Headbutts, Elbows, Knees are all legal (although GnP from the top is illegal, the rules do no state anything about Striking from the Guard.  Hmm?).  That makes this style awesome in my eyes.

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