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For HobbitFriend: Meece Has Two Mommies (and She Gets to Play Longer)

Posted by invizweb on December 5, 2009

This story is for a friend who is like a mommy to two lab-bred white fancy mice she has as her roommates.  Maybe your two meece need a baby girl meece to raise so they can be more active and they all live longer 😛  Below an interesting study conducted in Japan determined that meece are best raised with two mommies (who they are cloned from) instead of a mom and a dad they get their DNA from.  Think If These Walls Could Talk 2 with Sharon Stone and Ellen DeGeneres.  Anyways, they make an adorable family.

(C) Lauren Davis @ i09

Lauren Davis for i09, wrote:

What happens when mammals have two mothers? In the case of mice, it seems that they live longer than mice with one male and one female parent. It could help explain why women typically live longer than men.

Researchers in Japan manipulated mouse eggs to grow mice that were bi-maternal, having genetic material from two female parents, but no male parent. They then studied these mice alongside mice with one male and one female parent. The bi-maternal mice and the control mice were kept in the same conditions and fed the same diet, but the bi-maternal mice were significantly smaller and lighter, seemed to have better immune systems, and had an average lifespan 186 days longer than the control mice.

Tomohiro Kono from the Tokyo University of Agriculture, one of the researchers, believes that the bi-maternal mice might have lived longer because of the absence of a gene mice inherit from their fathers, though further study is needed:

The rest of the story is here. I wonder what New York State Senator Ruben Diaz would have to say about this…

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