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Fools’ Gold Opinion and Editorial BOXING DAY SPECIAL: On The Rules of Engagement: Face Punching vs Leg Kicking (and the Lack Thereof)

Posted by invizweb on December 26, 2009

Hello folks.  I   have an almost full-time retail job now (anywhere from 25-33 hours a week with 9 hour shifts, unless there are long lines) and am a part-time student (7 hours of classes each week over the course of 3 nights with an hour or so of homework for each class at least). Thus I lack the time to think.  However, I was watching some YouTube, and thought about a conundrum:

American Kickboxing, which spun off from  American Full-Contact Karate is a combat sport that prohibits the use of kicks or any attacks below the waist.

whereas Full-Contact Karate from Japan usually prohibits Face Punching.

Thus my latest poll question, if you were paid to fight in a week’s time notice and you are given the option of either being handicapped by taking a match which either bans kicks to the leg, or a bout which forbids face punching, which would you rather take?

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