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Fools’ Gold Opinion and Editorial BOXING DAY SPECIAL: On The Rules of Engagement: Face Punching vs Leg Kicking (and the Lack Thereof)

Posted by invizweb on December 26, 2009

Hello folks.  I   have an almost full-time retail job now (anywhere from 25-33 hours a week with 9 hour shifts, unless there are long lines) and am a part-time student (7 hours of classes each week over the course of 3 nights with an hour or so of homework for each class at least). Thus I lack the time to think.  However, I was watching some YouTube, and thought about a conundrum:

American Kickboxing, which spun off from  American Full-Contact Karate is a combat sport that prohibits the use of kicks or any attacks below the waist.

whereas Full-Contact Karate from Japan usually prohibits Face Punching.

Thus my latest poll question, if you were paid to fight in a week’s time notice and you are given the option of either being handicapped by taking a match which either bans kicks to the leg, or a bout which forbids face punching, which would you rather take?

Here is my viewpoint.  It is not absolutely right and more than feasibly wrong.   I am a bigger proponent of Low Roundhouse Kicks (and maybe foot Stomping if the occasion is right).  Here are the reasons:

1) Leg kicks have a higher landing percentage.   Former guest and Figure Four Online co-chair Bryan Alvarez claims that Ultimate Fighting Championships awards less points for Leg Kicks because “it doesn’t take as much to flail your legs out at someone” (reference: the episode) .  I disagree.  Statistically

2) I was taught not to hit the head.  My paternal grandparents reared me with their belief that decking someone is totally wrong because you can cause brain damage.  There is in fact a cultural basis perhaps artificially set by the stereotypical TVB (Shaw Brothers) TV Serials:  a good, classy, noble, skilled Martial Artist does not dig 5 knuckles into someone’s  face as that would be thuggish; he should instead use open hand strikes and/or use kicks to sweep an opponent’s leg.

3) You leave your opponent a souvenir to REMEMBER you by.  Whether you like your opponent or not, you probably do not want necessarily want to give them brain damage.  It is shown that repeated shots to the head do, in fact, cause brain damage, sometimes punch-drunkenness in the case of the legendary Muhammad Ali, and most usually concussions.  Concussions can cause memory loss.  Thus your opponent would not remember you concussing him or her.  Where is the satisfaction in that?

One Response to “Fools’ Gold Opinion and Editorial BOXING DAY SPECIAL: On The Rules of Engagement: Face Punching vs Leg Kicking (and the Lack Thereof)”

  1. lostboysuh said

    U make a Valid Point, No one LikeS To Get PUNCH’D in da FACE or Head to the Point of PUNCHDRUNKENESS, bwahaha…Reminds me of the Scene in Legend of DRUNKEN Master, w/Jackie Chan, where he gets BEATEN SenSELESS @ the END…UntiL He Drinks Some kinda “IndustriaL” ALKIE in ORDER to FIGHT Back!


    Word…Take it EASY, YO!!!!

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