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Never Too Late: The Hokuto-ki 3rd World Kudo Championships Results

Posted by invizweb on January 28, 2010

Originally from Kudo International Federation Daidojuku world headquarters site.

Last names first.  The event was held between November 14 and 15, 2009 at Yoyogi National No. 2 Gymnasium.  Divisions are determined by height in centimeters plus mass in kilograms.


  • 1st place/Radionova Ludumila (Russia)
  • 2nd place/Ivanova Daryna (Ukraine)


  • 1st place/Kolyan Edogar (Russia)
  • 2nd place/Nakamura Tomohiro (Japan)
  • 3rd place/Hirayasu Takayuki (Japan)
  • 4th place/Takahashi Kaina (Japan)


  • 1st place/Abdulkerimov Shamil (Russia)
  • 2nd place/Tanaka Shunsuke (Japan)
  • 3rd place/Agatsuma Takeshi (Japan)
  • 4th place/Horikoshi Ryosuke (Japan)


  • 1st place/Kelimov Shankhal (Russia)
  • 2nd place/Alexei Kononenko (Japan)
  • 3rd place/Strelchenko Oleksandr (Ukraine)
  • 4th place/Kelekhsaev Ruslan (Russia)


  • 1st place/Khaliev Adan (Russia)
  • 2nd place/Kharitonov Alexei (Russia)
  • 3rd place/Samokhin Maksim (Ukraine)
  • 4th place/Sasaki Tsuguharu (Japan)


  • 1st place/Panov Yury (Russia)
  • 2nd place/Vinogradov Alexander (Russia)
  • 3rd place/Tomas Sviazas (Lithuania)
  • 4th place/Ito Masataka (Japan)


  • 1st place/Larsanov Ibragin (Russia)
  • 2nd place/Vingert Nikolay (Russia)
  • 3rd place/Miki Yoshiyasu (Japan)
  • 4th place/Capuzi Danilo (Italy)

The Most Valuable Player Award

  • Kelimov Shankhal (Russia)

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