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Happy 04/20 – Some Food for Thought

Posted by invizweb on April 20, 2010

To all celebrants, Happy 04/20 (Marijuana Activism Day or however you like to interpret this).  Here is a number of articles assembled by friend of the site, Raymond Wiley of the Disinformation Podcast.  (They also released a good nonfiction anthology years back on the subject of “illicit substances”)

Even if you are not a smoker of Marijuana, you should consider that the United States has some of th emost overcrowded prisons in the world.  The “War on (Some) Drugs” costs American taxpayers millions of dollars each year, money which can be used to fund the cure for cancer or public education.  Aside from some folks like the the Diaz brothers, many smokers lived long lives fileld with achievement such as George Carlin, Robert Anton Wilson, Aleister Crowley, Allen Ginsburg, Ani DiFranco, and currently the United States President Barack Obama.  In addition, many dangerous substances which kill people who abuse them such as alcohol, cigarettes, and pain pills are legal.  Lets say we ban all thsoe, then why not ban everything else that can be hazardous to ones health such as hang gliding, drain cleaner (the fumes are noxious and it can burn skin), cough syrup (see pain pill analogy), cars (they emit carbon monoxide), microwave ovens (they emit radiation), and the most dangerous of all to existence:  the human race.  I say we should exile humans inside black holes for the safety of all existsence.

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