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Posted by invizweb on July 4, 2010

2010 Addendum:  Rather than repost my original post over I have decided to timeshift the revision with this addendum.   Each year on the Fourth of July I exemplify “Americana” with my First Amendment rights by acknowledging some of the most atrocious events in 20th Century United States history perhaps to redress grievances.  Also, the old adage is, “Those who do not learn from the Past are Doomed to repeat it.”  In this era of unpunished financial scams, corporate vainglory, and “Soviet spies” this holds especially true.

Here is a followup to last year’s post

A democracy should not give credence to the military ambition of the corporate interests

A democracy would not advocate the burning of books

A democracy could not seriously consider chaining the accused after freeing their ancestors from the same bondage

A democracy does not actively conspire to murder its citizens especially without a trial

A democracy will not abrogate the promised privacy of its citizens by sending tax paid spies to infiltrate and misinform them

A democracy can not conduct medical experiments targeting any group whether it’s based on ethnicity or belief system or otherwise

A democracy may not conduct experiments that alter the mental faculties of its citizens especially in the development of weapons

A democracy definitely must not conduct clandestine military operations to set up dummy governments on foreign soil and most definitely not with the unknowing dollars of its tay paying citizens

A democracy is not supposed to fund and train the above activities under the auspices of philanthropy

A democracy which does not sell or even advocate the retail of dangerous substances such as narcotics should never do so on foreign soil especially to barter for weapons

A democracy would never use a tax paid military to attack its civilians especially minors, pets, and pregnant women with unannounced lethal force

A democracy could never use a tax paid military to attack its citizens who non-violently exercise their right to speech with deadly force

A democracy can never control and block media from informing the news to its citizens especially news of its tampering of evidence in cases of their wrong doing

A democracy may never ever detain its citizens exercising their free speech peacefully without trial by jury especially in hazardous inhumane insanitary environs

A democracy must never betray those who defend its freedom and compromise national security especially as a petty act of revenge

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