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Belated Happy X-Day

Posted by invizweb on July 5, 2010

Editor’s Note:  I thank JasonPitzl-Waters for reminding us all of today’s significance.

JR Bob Dobbs (C) The Church of the SubGenius

I wish all my fellow SubGenii, a Happy X-Day.  For those not in the know, X-Day is:

“The Blessed Day when the Alien Sex Goddesses shall at last arrive on Earth and proceed with THE RUPTURE! All card-carrying, Truly Ordained, PAID UP SubGenius Ministers shall be SNATCHED UP into the Cosmos to spend Eternity (or at least the Journey to Planet X) engaging in a VAST ORGAZMONIC RITUAL OF SEXHURT!! After SIX MILLION YEARS of persecution, discrimation, and torture at the hands of the Conspiracy, we shall FINALLY take our place at the right hand of JHVH-1 and HAVE OUR REVENGE on the ones who have made our lives a SHEER, UNENDING HELL!!!”

To learn more, please visit the following link, and the official Church of the SubGenius site.  If JHVH-1 doesn’t show up this year, remember there is always the next~!!

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