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Bryan Super Chico Alvarez Married

Posted by invizweb on August 1, 2010

(C) Bryan Alvarez

On a weekend noted for celebrity weddings, Bryan “Super Chico” Alky Alvarez  and Whitney Neugebauer were were joined in marriage yesterday in Poulsbo, Washington.  Alvarez, a previous guest of my show, is an editor and co-owner of the Figure Four Wrestling Observer Online website.     While congratulating his business partner and friend in this post, sports journalist Dave Meltzer noted  that Brent Kremen, an infamous contributor to the Bryan and Vinny Show podcast, was in attendance.   As one of the hardest working people in the Pro Wrestling and MMA business, Chico plans to return to his reporting schedule tonight, only a  day removed from his day of matrimony.  In this modern society seemingly lacking of privacy, Alvarez made sure his matrimony was kept  a secret from his fan base who seemingly wants to know his every action.

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