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My endorsement for “fringe candicate” Jimmy McMillan

Posted by invizweb on October 16, 2010

I usually do not openly endorse political candidates on this blog but now I am very serious.  If you live in NY State or can vote in New York elections, I implore you to vote for this guy.

There once was a man named Joshua Norton who lived in San Francisco.  People thought him mad for declaring himself the “Emperor of the United States.”  If he ran today I would vote for him.  Why?  His edicts included forming a “League of Nations” to settle international disputes, building a bridge that connected Oakland to San Francisco (which they eventually did), and extending human rights to Chinese laborers who were denied citizenship.

I feel the same for this “crazy” candidate.  I have never thrown away a mayoral, gubernatorial, or presidential vote away.  And when I vote for Jimmy McMillan in November, I would be making my vote count for his Revolution.  As someone on Gawker commented, he is probably one of the only guys going into this governor’s race with a passion.  Most political ambitions fall to bribes and bureaucracy.  Let’s see what happens when a blue collar is put into the same position.  Let one of the Working Class be given a shot.  Let one of the People of New York get a chance.

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