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Flashback: Raymond Wiley on the Invisible Web Podcast (Parts One and Two)

Posted by invizweb on February 9, 2011

(C) A&E Television Networks via HISTORY

Raymond Wiley, one of the current co- hosts of Disinformation: the Podcast, appeared last Thursday, February 4, on the History (the channel) program, Brad Meltzer’s Decoded (episode 10, “Apocalypse in Georgia”).   The topic of the show was the Georgia Guidestones, a site Raymond is very familiar with.  Introduced in the first segment, he gives  a tour of the Guidestones and explains its features such as the aperture to view the movement of the Sun year-long.  He also states a popular theory that the Rosicrucian Order commissioned for these stones in the outskirts in Elberton, GA.

Here is an introductory video by Raymond Wiley and the Disinformation Company on the megalithic structure.

In September of 2007, while attending The University of Athens in Georgia, Raymond Wiley, then co-host of Out There! Radio, was a guest on my podcast, the Invizible Web (currently still on hiatus).    His podcast was a periodic 50-episode show, which covered subjects ranging from conspiracies, cryptozoology, and the Occult.  Our interview was divided between two parts, as part of a celebration of Pagan Pride Month, which is designated by the community in September each year.

Part one.  The first part of the interview was the subject of episode 5 of my Invizible Web podcast, entitled “My Trip Out There with Raymond Wiley.”  Topics included but were not limited to his youth in Evangelical Christianity, how that lead him to the Western Esoteric Movement, and the then-recent Chris Benoit double homicide/suicide near Atlanta, GA.  Enjoy the 39 or so minutes of this fascinating show.

Part two.  Entitled, “My Trip (Really Really Really) Out There with Raymond Wiley,” this 49 minute show concluded my interview with Ray.  We talked about Nazi occultism,  his favorite books on the subject of Magick, and touch briefly on the Georgia Guidestones.  Also discussed were his favorite moments as a radio/Internet broadcaster and the future of the show.    Fasten your seat belts on this riveting trip back in time to episode 6 of the Invizible Web.

To hear more from Raymond (and his colleagues Joe McFall and Austin Gandy), please listen to the Out There! Radio archives (and/ or subscribe to the RSS feed/I-Tunes), or the ongoing episodes of Disinformation:  the Podcast and Disinformation World News (where they are joined by Fortean Times contributor Austin Gandy).

In addition, Raymond has set up a website on the history of the Georgia Guidestones as well as information on his upcoming book, the Georgia Guidestones:  Alternatives to Armageddon co-written with colleague K.T. Prime.  It is due out Spring of 2011.   Sign up to the mailing list for more information on this forthcoming publication.

Also, you can add Raymond Wiley as your friend on FaceBook.

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