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Dwayne McDuffie Passes Away (Februay 20 1962 – February 21 2011)

Posted by invizweb on February 26, 2011

(C) Dwayne McDuffie via Official Website

Dwayne McDuffie, creator of Static (the character, the comic, and the Static Shock animated program) passed away February 21, 2011, due to complications stemming from emergency heart surgery.  He was also the creator of Milestone Comics, a label which focused on African American, Latino, and other minority characters, in the 1990s, and the Marvel’s Damage Control, which has a cult following.  In addition, he was a staff writer for the animated series Justice League,  the producer and story editor of the spin-off Justice League Unlimited,  creator/producer and writer for Ben 10:  Alien Force, creator/producer of the series’ sequel Ben 10:  Ultimate Alien, and the writer for the movies Justice League:  Crisis on Two Earths and All-Star Superman (which was released a day after his passing).

Dwayne was born in Detroit, MI, attended the Roeper School  during  his  childhood, and then graduate from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Physics.  He then moved to New York City and attended the Tisch School of Arts at New York University.  Prior to his first job in the comic book industry as an assistant editor at Marvel Comics, he was a copy writer for a business magazine.  In the past he was the co-recipeint of the Humanitas Prize for writing the “Jimmy” episode (24) of Static Shock in 2003, won the 2008 Wizard Magazine Wizard Fan Awards “Favorite Breakout Talent” Award, and won Comic Con International’s Inkpot Award in 2009.  H was also nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2003 and 2004 for Static Shock, and nominated in 2005 by the Writers Guild of America for animation for co-writing the Justice League animated series serial, “Starcrossed,” (episodes 50-52).

Dwayne was 49 and is survived by his wife Charlotte, and his mother Edna McDuffie-Gardner.

Here is a post about his “Parakeet Dilemma” and here a memory of a meeting by Rich Johnston.


As a high school student I remember spending afternoons viewing Static Shock after coming home from school.  I remember some weekends coming home from college with the expressed reason to not miss any episodes of Justice League.   There were many friends of mine who cited not Spiderman or Rorschach as their favorite heroes but  Static and Icon as McDuffie’s presentation of these characters  they can relate to not only reconnected them to the comic medium but also gave them inspiration they can take for other parts of their adult lives.  The comic industry and the African American community lost a treasure of man whose vision will inspire generations to come.

I give my sincere condolences to Dwayne’s family and friends.

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