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Posted by invizweb on April 30, 2011

February 01, 1946 - April 19, 2011 via (WikiMedia Commons)

Elisabeth Claira Heath-Sladen, passed away at age 63 due to Cancer, on April 19, 2011.  She was most famous for her role as Doctor Who‘s companion, Sarah Jane Smith, during Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker’s tenure on the program.   She later starred in a spin-off named after her character, The Sarah Jane Adventures.  She was also a lead with her husband, Brian Miller, in the ITV serial, Send in the Girls.

The fifth season  (series) for Sarah Jane has already been mostly taped and will be broadcast later this year on CBBC.   A 12 minute special aired on CBBC after the 6th Series premiere of Doctor Who.  She is survived by Miller, and their daughter, Sadie Miller.

Good bye Elisabeth.  Thank you for the memorable moments that we will never forget.  Good bye Sarah Jane…


The passing of her colleague, Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Stewart) in February.

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