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Robert Anton Wilson Week on Boing Boing

Posted by invizweb on January 12, 2012

(C) frankenstoen @ flickr via Wikipedia

5 years ago, on January 11, 2007, Robert Anton Wilson, author of the epic,  Illuminatus! Trilogy, left this life for the aethyr (and right before I sent out a letter expressing the intent of interviewing him.  Oh Bob…)  As folks with greater achievements had for decades, Bob Wilson inspired much of what this blog is.  One of my most read entries was a biography/tribute I wrote about Bob.

It can be read here.

So anyways, cheap plugs  aside, Boing Boing, the site founded by Bob’s protege, R. U.  Sirius (Ken Goffman). a grand figure on his own, has dedicated this week in Bob’s memory.  Writer, Mark Frauenfelder, wrote for the blog:

Bob was an intensely curious, intellectually playful, and profoundly insightful person and his writing and talks influenced my world view more than any other writer. He wrote about conspiracy theories, government nuttiness, the future, Freemasonry, quantum physics, magick, occult and paranormal phenomena, human behavior, mental models, psychedelic drugs, cult psychology, and the nature of reality. He had a knack for giving straightforward explanations of hard-to-grok concepts without stripping them of their power or complexity. Before I read RAW’s books, the world was confusing and mysterious. After I read his books, the world became much more confusing and mysterious — but in a good way!

The original post is here, and you can follow RAW Week, through here.

And remember folks, PRAISE BOB AND HAIL DISCORDIA~!!

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