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Abusive Witch Hunter to Houston in March

Posted by invizweb on January 15, 2012

The following article is a repost from WBAI’s blog.

portrait of a demagogue

Human rights violator, Helen Ukpabio, whose organization, the Liberty Gospel Church, infamous for being an accessory to acts of violence perpetrated against young Nigerian children, is coming to Houston, Texas’ Glorious Praise Ministries, March 17th – 25th.  Ukpabio in her books and films state that causes of poverty in families and rebelliousness in children are due to demonic possession in said young people.  Her solution is to beat the devil out of them with abuse and torture as documented by UK Channel 4’s Dispatches episode, ‘Saving Africa’s Witch Children.”  In fact, many of these “exorcisms” have lead to many deaths.

accused child witches

Huffington Post contributor, Michael Mungai, writes the following about Ukpabio’s methods,

“…while Rowling’s readers tend to buy brooms, hats and “magic wands” for their children to play with, parents inspired by Ukpabio are more likely to buy machetes and physically confront the alleged demons living in their children’s bodies. Also, citing Western interference and racism has now become the mantra for many unscrupulous Africans pursuing self-serving ends. They unfairly take advantage of Africa’s injurious history with the West, a topic that elicits sentimental reactions from most Africans whenever it is invoked.”

To learn about what can be done for the children affected by the Witch Hunts, please visit Stepping Stones Nigeria and Childrens’ Right and Rehabilitation Newtork (CRARN), two organizations dedicated to helping these victims.

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