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40 Days of Halloween Pt 17: Tales of Terror (1962)

Posted by invizweb on October 9, 2012


courtesy of WikiPedia

Director: Roger Corman

Starring: Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone, Leona Gage, Maggie Pierce, Joyce Jameson and Debra Paget

Writer:  Richard Matheson

Producers: Samuel Z. Arkoff, Roger Corman and James H. Nicholson

Studio: Alta Vista Productions

Distributor: American International Pictures/ Orion Pictures

Run Time: 1 hr 29 min (89 min)

Based on the writings of: Edgar Allen Poe

What do you get when you cross the concepts from the imagination of Edgar Allen Poe with the directorial and production skills of Roger Corman?  You get this three story anthology, Tales of Terror.  The phantasmagorically Gothic settings, characters, and plots are translated well onto the big screen by Matheson.  With Corman (and help from veteran Samuel Z Arkoff’s) direction, you get the camp and wit you would expect from a film with their fingerprints.  Add in acting genius Vincent Price, and you get a wonderful viewing experience filled with ghosts, murders, zombies, and of course black cats. This film met and somewhat exceeded my expectations.



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