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Presidential Debate Tonight~! WATCH IT.

Posted by invizweb on November 5, 2012

(C) Free and Equal

This space has been OCCUPIED~!

I will have to say I do not always agree with the RT network.  However, after taking this quiz and another which examine your political stances with those of candidates running, I find I have more in common with “fringe oddballs” than I do with the two mainstream parties.   So tonight, I am going to be watching this debate featuring Dr.  Jill Stein and Governor Gary Johnson, two Presidential Candidates not given the same media coverage as those other two guys.  

(C) Free and Equal

To learn more about the candidates in the races you will be voting for, please visit Voter411.

And remember your vote, especially for “third” parties definitely count, especially since, “third parties get access to federal campaign finance money if they get at least 5% of the national vote, so a vote for the Green or Libertarian or Constitutional Party would not be wasted.”

Go Beyond the the Duopoly!!

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