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U-SPIRITS: Hiromitsu Kanehara 20th Anniversary (11-16-11)Review

Posted by invizweb on March 20, 2013

2011 was an amazing year in Puroresu (Japanese Pro Wrestling). Daichi Hashimoto, son of legend Shinya Hashimoto, made his debut. Daisuke Sekimoto began working regularly for (and against) All-Japan Pro Wrestling. Dick Togo vs Antonio Honda (Jan 31, 2011) was an all-time classic. There was also this card:

Hiromitsu Kanehara and Company

Hiromitsu Kanehara and Company

1) Daijiro Matsui vs Tatsuo Nakano **
Yep~! Everybody’s favorite PRIDE “tomato can,” Daijiro Matsui, who can now be found working for Inoki Genome Federation, opened the show against his senior in the UWFi, Nakano. There was some heat in this match, as Matsui refused the hand shake and instead shoved Nakano before the bell. Matsui did a substantial amount of hard striking (compared to his MMA days) in this match. Nakano moved well on the mat, despite not working regularly anymore. I would have thought Nakano would be the bigger striker seeing how he was basically a mini Shinya Hashimoto for part of his career. Relatively short and harmless opener.

2) Daisuke “DICE” Nakamura vs Billy Scott ***
DICE is an MMA fighter trained under Kiyoshi Tamura, whom the Asian MMA page calls “one of the most exciting fighters in the world.” For those not familiar with his opponent, Billy Scott was one of the few American workers to train in a shoot style promotion. Although Billy showed a bit of his age (and was so-so in his selling), DICE was so slick in his transitions. They meshed well, and I wish this was the opener instead. By the way, for those who want to learn genuine Catch Wrestling, Mr. Scott has released this DVD recently, which has been lauded in the Catch community.

3) New Japan Graduates Match:  Daisuke Ikeda/ The Great Sasuke vs
Osamu Nishimura/ Hiroyoshi Tenzan *
I will be very generous with the rating of this match as the crowd gave HUGE pops to our favorite mulleted wrestler, perhaps the biggest of the night.  Don’t expect these guys to work the hardest.  Don’t even expect them to work like its even a leisurely walk on this their day off.  Expect crowd brawling and the teasing of  spots that don’t come into fruition.  Expect the Great Sasuke playing the role of SASUKE the Great going Politician-on-Politician against the Calimari Wrestler. This was before Tenzan lost his mullet, Sasuke his shirt, and around the time Ikeda lost his cool seeing his matches on YouTube.

4) Masahito Kakihara vs Masaaki Mochizuki ***
Holy fuck~! Masahito Kakihara, who is supposedly retired, is working with no ring rust as if he only took one day off from work.  He was lightning fast in his movement and matched Dragon Gate (USA)’s Mochi move for move for most of this quick brief match.  His spots were super precise also.  Not a must see, but it definitely will not disappoint Kaki fans awaiting his long return.

5) Takaku Fuke vs Dan “The Beast” Severn ***
In this virtual squash, retired MMA legend and UWFi alumni Dan the FUCKING BEAST Severn did what he did best against the PANCRASE original: play the role of a Human Suplex machine.  Dan is the most fun when he is tossing guys around left and right.  Remember back to his UFC fight against Anthony Marcias.  That’s how a squash gets a ***.

6) Semifinal:  Yoshihiro Takayama vs Yoshiki Takahashi *** 1/2
This match brought the HATE. I thought Yoshiki, the PANCRASE original and former Heavyweight Champ, would bring down an already banged-up Takayama’s work. Instead, he fired up and charged from the opening bell. I freakin loved the opening sequence. Someone should steal it. These guys were dedicated to making this sub 10 minute match as good as it was. And when the winner was declared, the fans ROARED with approval.

7) Main Event: Minoru Suzuki vs Hiromitsu Kanehara *** 1/2
Note, Kanehara is not wearing his trademark gold as he does for his usual matches. This was a great technical match where the masters got to show their slickness on the mat. The hyper speed transitions get a huge POP from the crowd. And then of course, Minoru Suzuki is Minoru Suzuki. If you want to spend under 15 minutes watching a good compressed sprint, WATCH IT.

I have (loosely) followed the career of Pro Wrestler and Fighter, Hiromitsu Kanehara since the beginning of his career in the UWFi.

More updates on this post coming soon.

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