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2013 Fourteen Days of Halloween Part Two: SHARKNADO ~! (2013)

Posted by invizweb on October 19, 2013

In which the most talked about film of 2013 is finally reviewed by yours truly…

File:Sharknado poster.jpg

courtesy of WikiPedia

Director:  Anthony C. Ferrante

Starring:  Ian Ziering, Jaason Simmons, Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo, and John Heard

Producer:  David Michael Latt

Studio: Southward Films

Distributor: The Asylum

Run Time: 86 Minutes

Holy crap Logan from Baywatch, Ian Z, and Tara Reid are old enough to play characters with adult kids!!  Guest how old I am then?  How old that makes me feel…  The cliche characters in this movie did not dumb it down; from the happy-go-lucky old drunk, to the wry Judah Freelander-looking bus driver, to the surly conspiracy theorist liquor store clerk, down to the family drama, the camp added to the tongue-in-cheek factor of this film.  I knew this film won’t be high art like some of the other movies I have and will review but this mostly lived up to being the Saturday afternoon fun it was supposed to be.  Imagine if you will an episode of Baywatch Nights except with Ian Ziering  playing David Hasselhoff’s rule of Mitch, the nearly perfect do-gooder whose super altruistic and has crazy plans that always seem to work.  As a fan of that show, this movie gave me nostalgia of weekends gone past.   In addition, for this movie, sassy Cassie Scerbo, wise-cracking Jaason Simmons, and drinky John Heard were all perfect in their roles.  However, the editing of some scenes and some of the plot holes although added to the corn factor, did not add to my enjoyment.  Instead they made me wonder if the film had originally been a serious attempt later rebranded as something to the styling of Ed Wood Jr (of Plan 9 from Outer Space fame).  Because this Syfy  broadcast could have been, although light years behind Shaun of the Dead and Attack the Block, a decent action-horror parody if they tried in that direction.


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