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2013 Fourteen Days of Halloween Part Fourteen: Silent Hill (2006)

Posted by invizweb on November 1, 2013

File:Silent hill.jpg

courtesy of WikiPedia

Director:  Christophe Gans

Starring:  Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell, Lauren Holden, Jodelle Ferland, Kim Coates, Alice Krige, Deborah Kara Unger, Roberto Campanella, and Christopher Britton

Producer(s):   Samuel Hadida, Don Carmody, and Akira Yamaoka

Music by:  Akira Yamaoka

Based on:  the Silent Hill series by Keiichiro Toyama and Team Silent for Konami

Studio(s): David Films

Distributor:  TriStar Pictures

Run Time:  2 Hours 07 Minutes (127 Minutes)

Based on the titular video games, Silent Hill is about a mother’s search for her sleepwalking adopted daughter in the fictional town which the series is based in.  The film was quite long, and felt more like cut scenes in a video game at points with its dialogue and flow of action.  Also, I dunno if the explanatory exposition near the end fit the film; it was good explaining the parts harder to comprehend but it felt forced at parts.  However, this was a good scary fun film, with its well designed monsters, and Yamaoka’s music creating the ominous atmosphere.  Although panned by critics, the themes which touch upon stigmatization and the dangers of religious fanaticism are very current and real horrors, even in the United States.   Also, Pyramid Head, the monstrous icon of the series, was utilized well in the film.   I would recommend the film for fans of the games as well as people who like atmospheric chills.  Gans, whose Brotherhood of the Wolf is one of my favorite films of all times, made a good attempt here in what will surely be a cult film.

*** 3/4

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