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Disinformation World News (Episode 11) – Return of the Popobawa and a Holiday Note

Posted by invizweb on November 1, 2009

My good associates Joe McFall, Raymond Wiley, Austin Gandy, and Joe Nolan return with a brand new episode of Disinformation the Podcast! in time for this ghoulishly funtastic season, with the return of our favorite old Country Humbler cryptid.  In their own words:

California’s green initiative, the second half of our report on the Hollow Earth, and the return of the Popobawa, this week on Disinformation World News.

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Posted by invizweb on November 6, 2008

damien wrote for Blather.

“For the last eleven years (yes, that’s eleven) we here at Blather have been keeping track of every lake monster, UFO sighting, satanist, pornographer, ghost, exorcism, banshee attack, ABC sighting, religious quack, police state action, alien abduction and friendly neighbourhood Kangaroo that we can scribble down in this here site. But the truth is, there’s such an abundance of these bloody things that keeping track of them has become somewhat problematic. Until now.

So allow us reader dear, to present ‘’s Map of the Weird’, a first public presentation of what will become an ever-growing, all-encompassing cartographic apocalypse of filth, depravity, smut and forteana.”

Read more.

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Yokai Attack and related Synchronicities

Posted by invizweb on October 22, 2008

Last Sunday I purchased the book Yokai Attack from the Borders at Penn Plaza. It is a very interesting book in itself with details on 42 plus yokai and their variations. Yokai, 妖怪, as pronounced Yaoguai in Chinese Mandarin (sort of that way in Cantonese also) are entities akin to “the good folk” i.e. fairies, ghouls, and elves to Nordic and Celtic culture, though some appear as bestial creatures. Within the pages of the book include: the ever popular Karakasa (umbrella ghost), Japan’s fastest growing legend Kuchisaki O-nna (the slit mouthed girl), and a frightening entity I never knew of before hand the O-dokuro (demonic skeleton). A profile would include the original Kanji or Katakana spelling, places of sightings (or attribution to where the legends begin), descriptions, and accounts themselves. A must for fans interested in Sino-Japanese legends and the Occult, as well as anime/video game fans.

(c) Kodansha International & Tatsuya Morino

(c) Kodansha International & Tatsuya Morino

**** 1/4

With that said, on that Sunday night right after I purchased the book, I heard whisperings in my sleep. The next night, I felt teeth clamped on my arm. The next two nights, despite it being Autumn in NYC, I was accosted by numerous mosquitoes, (whom old time Japanese believe were jealous spirits).

With that said, I am still fighting the flu and I dunno when it really began so take my word for a grain o salt.

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The Invisible Web Season Two Premiere: Episode 02.01 (10): Our View OUT THERE!

Posted by invizweb on February 29, 2008

The Invisible Web Season Two Premiere: Episode 02.01 (10): Our View OUT THERE!

(C)Out There Media

(C)Out There Media

Joe McFall of the seminal podcast, Out There! Radio, joins the Host to open the second season of the Invisible Web~! We discuss his childhood Fortean experiences, his favorite episodes and show topics, memes and reality filters, and even find time for our old pal, the Popo Bawa. And just what is the future of Out There?

The track in the opening ad is J Underberg’s “Z” from his album Action.  Our closing track for this episode is Robert Johnson’s “Me and the Devil Blues.”



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