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Raymond Wiley of Out There Radio to Appear on Brad Meltzer’s Decoded (Feb 03, 2011)

Posted by invizweb on February 3, 2011

(C) Raymond Wiley

My former guest, broadcast colleague, and someone whom I  call my friend, Raymond Wiley, will appear on Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, tomorrow, February 03, 2011,  at 10:00 PM EST on the History Channel.  The topic of the episode, “Apocalypse in Georgia,” which will mark the finale of the program’s first season, is the Georgia Guidestones, an ominous  roadside site  and/or possible Masonic riddle, which is near and dear to Ray’s heart (and  also a short drive from his former haunt at UGA) .

Raymond Wiley, now working for the Disinformation Company, as their Promotions Director and Podcast Host, humbly started his fortean radio career with the 50-episode  podcast,  Out There! Radio.

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Save the House Superman Was Born in~!! The Estate of Jerry Siegel Needs Help

Posted by invizweb on September 3, 2008

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By Brad Meltzer of DC Comics:

For the past two years, while researching Jerry Siegel’s life for my new novel, I asked my friend Mike San Giacomo to take me to the actual house in Cleveland where Superman was created. I wanted to see the exact spot where young Jerry Siegel sat in his bed on that rainy summer night…where a seventeen(!) year old kid stared at his bedroom ceiling and gave birth to the idea of Superman.

And so we went. (You can read that whole adventure here and watch the video here).

But the one thing I quickly realized was that this house was in…well…it was in bad shape.

The house where Google was created is saved. The farm where Hewlett Packard was founded is preserved. And Richard Nixon’s house is a museum. But the house where Superman — one of the world’s most recognized heroes — was created? It’s a wreck. It’s actually a great old house — painted bright red and blue (really) — and owned by one of the kindest elderly couples in the world. But as the neighborhood sank, so did the house. When you walk inside, you feel like your foot might go through the floor. The roof is flawed. The paint is a mess. When you look up at the ceiling, you see the exposed rafters overhead. It’s a mess. Worst of all, the city of Cleveland let it happen. As the owner told me, “They won’t even give us a plaque. Not even a plaque to say, ‘This is where Superman was created.’”


Read more.

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