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Ultimate Fighting Championships 91- Couture vs Lesnar Play By Play

Posted by invizweb on November 15, 2008

1) Opening Match: Demian Maia vs Nate Quarry (Middlweight Bout)

Interesting. Maia with Wanderlei Silva trains at Xtreme Couture whereas Quarry used to be a protege of Couture, currently with Randy’s former training camp, Nate Quarry. Nate is entering to hip hop music. Never has a man as white (and vanilla) as Quarry attempted such a feat. FAILURE~!

Round One: Ariany is the ring girl for the opening match. Herb Dean is ref. Maia (whose surname comes from the ancient Greek Goddess of the Spring), clinches Quarry, pulls Guard, and gets a Body Triangle from the Back Mount. It looks tight but not backbreackingly brutal. Maia gets a Rear Naked Choke (might as well have humbled him while he was Naked).

Winner: Demian Maia (via R1 Submission – RNC) Nate Quarry

Randy Couture enters the building with wife Kim while SABLE is absent from entering with her significant other, Brock Lesnar. I seriously think a Lesnar victory would be the defeat (and/or shame) of the human race.

2) Second Match: Gabriel Gonzaga vs Josh Hendricks (Heavyweight Bout)

I still don’t feel pumped for the show. Hell I am visiting Newsarama. Not to seem ignorant but is it me or does Napao look like a bigger Shogun Rua? UFC’s tedious intros really need revamping. Now checking Technoccult and Disinfo.

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