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DRAGON GATE News Roundup for the Week of July 04, 2008

Posted by invizweb on July 4, 2008


Thanks to DGUSA for the latest news

– DRAGON GATE US show news: With the show just over 2 months away, the first information for the inaugural Dragon Gate show on US soil is now available. As was known, the date for the show is September 5th. It will originate from John Anson Ford Park in Bell Gardens, CA. The first tickets will be available over July 15-17 at WPW shows in Costa Mesa. CIMA himself will be there to sell them. Tickets will be available online soon. In addition to the main Dragon Gate roster and familiar faces PAC, El Generico, and the Young Bucks, there are several guests lined up. Mexican legend and trainer for the 1st term graduates, Dos Caras will be appearing. Former FMW star Hayabusa will also be in attendance.

9/5/2008 Dragon Gate USA Friday LA Extreme Night
John Anson Ford Park
8000 Park Lane, Bell Gardens, CA 90201
Doors at 7PM, Bell time 8PM

For further information or questions please contact the Dragon Gate USA office at or

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Results and Video Teasers from ISW Hot Summer RUB-DOWN 06/29

Posted by invizweb on July 4, 2008

Catastrophes and Miracles

It was a day (and a night) of catastrophes and miracles for Inter-Species Wrestling and its owner Mike Rotch. The biggest catastrophe being that the ring truck broke down and the ring didn’t show up to Foufounes Electriques until after Hot Summer RUB-DOWN was scheduled to end. The biggest miracle? That the show happened at all.

The catastrophes started with a tire blowing out on the ring truck. Tire no sooner fixed than the truck’s starter blew. The replacement truck never showed up and the ring truck in fits and starts took half a day to complete a one-hour trip.

The owner of Foufounes Electriques was relatively pleased to have over a hundred wrestling fans drinking for close to three hours patiently waiting in the downstairs bar for the ring to show up, somewhat less so when a brawl broke out between the BADD Brothers and El Hijo del BAMBOO! He finally lost his patience when no sooner had the BADD/BAMBOO! Bar Brawl been broken up, than a street fight between Stinky the Homeless Guy and Gore the Zombie Master broke out.

You-Tube Teaser:

With Giant Tiger threatening to get naked to the roars of the wrestling fans, the owner of Foufs told Rotchy that he would have to either open the upstairs stage and put on the show by 10pm and put on the show or bite the bullet and cancel the show. Rotchy opened the doors, crossed his fingers, knocked on wood… and the ring truck finally wheezed up to the back door five minutes later.

With every member of the crew relaying ring parts up the stairs and the crowd cheering every strut and beam, the ring was put together in under a half-hour and the show started at 10:30 p.m. about when we were expecting to end the show…

Once the catastrophes ended, the miracles began…

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