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Back due to Popular Demand: Kris Zellner’s Lucha Report (for 8/15/08)

Posted by invizweb on August 16, 2008

Thanks to Kris Z

EMLL held a press conference yesterday announcing matches for their big show on 8/29 at Arena Mexico featuring these matches

Relevos Increibles Suicidas: Lady Apache & Amapola vs. Marcela & Princesa Sugei
Atlantis/Negro Casas/Ultimo Guerrero vs. Chris Sabin/Alex Shelley/AJ Styles
Mascara contra Mascara: Mictlan vs. Dragon Rojo
Dr. Wagner Jr./Mistico/Shocker vs. Black Warrior/Mr. Niebla/Rey Bucanero

Juventud Guerrera also held a press conference yesterday where he expounded on many topics such as AAA didn’t use him like he should’ve been used and was buried in the midcard forever. Juvy then talked about EMLL and would like to go back there to work with Los Perros del Mal. Juvy then introduced Lizzy Valentine as his new valet everywhere he works and she challenged Dark Angel to a match in the future. Juvy also brought out Intocable and announced that they are forming a new faction called the SexiCools with an undetermined member to join them. Fuerza Guerrera was also there and said that he would support his son in whatever he did because he wants him to be successful and then said that the days of them working against each other in a match are over.

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AAA PPV to debut 08-24-2008 in the US

Posted by invizweb on July 9, 2008

Breaking News: The AAA PPV show will be moved to Sunday August 24, 2008. It is speculated this is due to ROH having a show around the time of the original prospective show date of August 1st, and since ROH and AAA now have a talent exchange program the two groups wanted to make sure this show succeeds by not competing with another show. The matches appeared to be pretaped. I think that second Ciber in the semi is a typo. Also I am not certain but I think they mean Pentagon not Octagon.

Here is the tentative card according to this site.


Semifinal: DOME OF DEATH
The Mexican luchadores
Cibernético, Apocalipsis, Chessman, and Chary Manson
The Foreign Legion
Kenzo Suzuki, X-Pac and El Mesías

Charly Manson

Juventud Guerrera, Sangre Chicana
Fuerza Guerrera, Octagon


The Rudos
Mini-Chessman, Mini-Abismo Negro, Mini- Jerrito Estrada
The Técnicos
Octagoncito, Mascarita Sagrada, La Parkita

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