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meet Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah of Ghana aka Kofi Kingston of Jamaica

Posted by invizweb on July 1, 2008

For the BBC, Leslie Goff reported:

To millions of US wrestling fans, Kofi Kingston is the first Jamaican wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). But his real identity is very different – because to his family and friends, he is Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah from Ghana.

Most wrestling fans have never heard of the West African country, so the wrestling body decided fight fans would be more likely to embrace a wrestler from the land of Bob Marley and reggae music.

And so desperate is Sarkodie-Mensah to become wrestling’s next superstar, he is willing to deny who he is.

“I was actually born in Jamaica – to be honest with a name like Kofi a lot of people assume I was born in Ghana,” he says with a bad Jamaican accent, but doing his best to stay in character.

But though he denies it, his mother Elizabeth – the head of a Ghanaian-American organisation in the US – confirms that he was indeed born in Ghana, and not in Jamaica. The family only moved to the US in 1982.

“I told him: ‘Kofi, your cousins watch you on TV in Ghana and want to know why you don’t say you’re from Ghana,'” she says.

“He said: ‘Tell them it is business.'”

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