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Dazed Digital Features: Robert Anton Wilson

Posted by invizweb on July 23, 2008

Rod Stanley, contributed the following with an interactive bibliography in its original presentation, for Dazed Digital, September 22, 2006.

“Doubt. Doubt even that you have doubted enough. Doubt your doubts.” – Robert Anton Wilson

Polymath, agnostic and the author of 35 books and counting, Robert Anton Wilson is both lightning rod and Van der Graaf generator for radical ideas. For 40 years, his takes on conspiracy theories, quantum mechanics, sex magick, psychedelic drugs, alternate universes and the possibilities of the internet as a generator of feedback and disseminator of information, have been laid down for a rapt audience, all lovingly parcelled in a tricksterish sense of humour. At 73 years of age, Pope Bob is the last grand old man of American 60s counter-culture.

His most popular work, The Illuminatus! Trilogy, coauthored with Robert Shea, remains the touchstone of his career. A wild romp through every far-out conspiracy theory around, along with tales of kinky sex, mind-enhancing drugs, absurdist jokes, numerology and experimental structures, it introduced the world to the Justified Ancients of Mummu, Markoff Chaney and Hagbard Celine, and promulgated the significance of the number 23 and “Discordian” ideas such as the fnord.

Read more and see the interactive bibliography.

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