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Innauguration Day 11:30AM EST and Media Coverage

Posted by invizweb on January 20, 2009

Turned on the TV to watch the Colbert Report after realizing that Obama isn’t making his speech yet.  I voted for Barack Obama so Sarah Palin, whom I personally do not agree with on 99% of life issues, does not enter the White House.  The media coverage has been interesting this week.

– On Monday Night RAW, video footage was shown of GW Bush receiving a WWE World Heavyweight Belt replica sent by Vince.  Jerry “the King” Lawler dead pan said, “You might not agree with the President, but he is the Champion of Truth.”  My gods, some people in the rest of this nation…

– On the Daily Show, Jon Stewart made mention of Martin Luther King III’s appearence at the Innauguration festival yesterday in D.C.  He also made fun of Dr. King’s son’s weight not less than three times, and had three bouts of the giggles pertaining to it.

– At 10:33 AM, just about I flipped thought the channels to watch the coverage.  The first channel I flipped to was CNN where Tara Hill and another self-admitted Conservative, extolled Barack Obama’s virtues and compared him to Ronald Reagen?  They put over Regaenomics and asked for Obama to follow that example.  Good grief.

– Then flipping to the CW, owned by Warner Brothers and Westinghouse jointly, reporters were trying to sell Obama dog collars.  No promising…

– And finally on CBS, they did a historical piece on William Henry Harrisson, the 9th President of the United States.  He died after catching pneumonia on Innauguration Day, less than a month in office.  The correspondent for CBS, who was supposedly a descendant of Harrison thus warned Barack that his reign could be a short one.  OK…

– On a related note, yesterday Rachel Maddow, who is still “sappy,” brought a professor in Race Relations to her show, and she said this si just the beginning: 150 plus years after the abrogation from slavery, there is finally an African-American President of the United States.  But there are still much racial tension int he United States, she added, and hopefully Barack Oabama will help address some of these during his Presidency.

So Barack Obama will be President in an hour or so.  I do not know how I feel yet.  I will have to wait and see.  Will this be a new stage set in history?  I hope so…

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