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Robert Anton Wilson Week on Boing Boing

Posted by invizweb on January 12, 2012

(C) frankenstoen @ flickr via Wikipedia

5 years ago, on January 11, 2007, Robert Anton Wilson, author of the epic,  Illuminatus! Trilogy, left this life for the aethyr (and right before I sent out a letter expressing the intent of interviewing him.  Oh Bob…)  As folks with greater achievements had for decades, Bob Wilson inspired much of what this blog is.  One of my most read entries was a biography/tribute I wrote about Bob.

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wwe 2009 Draft Recap (Semi Up to Date)

Posted by invizweb on April 13, 2009

– The show opens with a recap of last week’s closing angle when Batista came out to make the save and joined the HHH/Shane team against Legacy for the match at Backlash, where the winning guy gets the belt.  What a fucking mouthful.

Opening Segment: Batista returns to little kids cheering.

– He calls out Randy after a recap of how he was put out of action.  Apparently his other injuries, which were mentioned at the time were retconend out.  The WWE Time Machine strikes again.  His words come out as hollow.

– Shane comes out to answer the challenge?  No.  He claims that he should get Randy since he, his dad, and sis were attacked.  He is so f’ing scripted.  He should also use Just For Men, Touch of Grey blend.

– HHH comes out and its a shit-eating contest as HHH claims everything is related to him somehow.

– Vickie comes out now.  He sets up a handicap match with HHH/Batista/Shane vs Cody Rhodes/Ted DBiase (Jr).  Why is the heel GM helping the faces?

Rey Mysterio (RAW) vs Evan Borne (ECW)

– If Even didn’t get an intro I would have thought this was a Superstars squash.

– Rey wins with a 619, and a Swan Dive.

***1. MVP (SD) drafted to RAW

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