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2008 US Presidential Election Prelim Results (as of 11:24 PM EST)

Posted by invizweb on November 4, 2008

(C) Comedy Partners

(C) Comedy Partners

Robert Greenwald wrote:

This is a truly amazing moment in our nation, and we couldn’t be more delighted to share it with you. Just marvel at the historic change occurring right now — change that seemed like a dream only a year ago — and you helped make it happen. You saw the explosion of grassroots activism around the country and recognized the importance of participating in democracy by spreading our videos, signing our petitions, and supporting our various campaigns.

When the corporate press wasn’t doing its job to portray John McCain accurately, you took it upon yourselves to spread The REAL McCain videos like John McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare, which has received a whopping 8 million views! And when it became clear that FOX News would stop at nothing to smear and slander Barack Obama, you made sure millions more could see the truth by spreading our FOX Attacks Obama series. All told, over 25 million people watched these videos — all achieved with people-powered persuasion.

Tonight is a beginning. We look forward with excitement and anticipation to the opportunities ahead to fight for social justice. We are already at work on efforts that will provide positive change for our country.

Thank you,
The Brave New Films team

probably not the expression on her face right now.

probably not the expression on her face right now.


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Sarah Palin vs Tales from the Crypt

Posted by invizweb on November 1, 2008

There seems to be a horror even the Crypt Keeper and his friends are wary of.

©2007 William M. Gaines, Agent, Inc.

Hockey mom Palin vs the EC buddies ©2007 William M. Gaines, Agent, Inc.

Kevin Melrose in October wrote for Newsarama

“…Later this month Papercutz will release Tales from the Crypt #8, which features on the cover a hockey stick-wielding Gov. Sarah Palin chasing off the three narrators of EC’s horror comics, The Crypt-Keeper, The Old Witch and The Vault-Keeper.

The caricature of the Republican vice-presidental candidate asks, “Didn’t we get rid of you guys in the 50’s?” — a reference to suggestions that, as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Palin sought to ban books from the town library. (It’s contended that her inquiries were “rhetorical”; no books were actually banned during Palin’s tenure as mayor.) Of course, it’s also an obvious nod to the 1954 Senate investigation into juvenile delinquency, and the atmosphere that spawned the Comics Code Authority and effectively brought about the end of horror and crime comics…”

Read more. Kudos to Cathy Gaines Mifsud in pointing out the similarities between the Radical Right movement and the McCarthyism era politics that sought out to destroy her family’s work.

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