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Stephen Colbert makes his Marvel debut in Spider-Man #573

Posted by invizweb on October 12, 2008

Thanks to Newsarama and Marvel (C)

Thanks to Newsarama and Marvel (C)

Marvel is pleased to unveil the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #573 Colbert Variant, illustrated by Marvel EiC & superstar artist Joe Quesada, depicting the first team up between Spider-Man and Stephen Colbert! As the world-famous Colbert continues his bid for the US Presidency in the Marvel Universe, what could force him and Spider-Man to team up? And how will this affect the US Presidential race in the Marvel U? Mark Waid and Pat Olliffe bring you the special eight page story that had to happen!

Plus, don’t miss the stunning conclusion to the sold out “New Ways To Die” from the dream team of Dan Slott & John Romita Jr!

Retailers, please check the Marvel Mailer for special Amazing Spider-Man #573 ordering incentives. For the past few months, fans have been able to follow Stephen Colbert’s campaign in the Marvel Universe at, and excitement is building. Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on this landmark issue.

Don’t miss out on Stephen Colbert’s first full Marvel Universe appearance—in continuity!—and the team up that’ll have everyone buzzing! It’s the extra-sized Amazing Spider-Man #573—and no comic book fan can afford to miss it!

50/50 Variant by KEVIN MAGUIRE
Zombie Variant by MARKO DJURDJEVIC
Colbert Variant by JOE QUESADA
Rated A …$3.99

We here at the Invisible Web wish Mr. Colbert the best in his endeavors of United States Presidential Campaign of Earth-616. I, the editor, think the Skrulls have infiltrated our Presidential Race but feel that if he is elected, President Colbert needs to come up with a resolution that will mutually benefit both the people of 616 and the Skrulls.

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Rapper Nas Protests FOX News at NY HQ and Declares Them Racist

Posted by invizweb on July 25, 2008

Thanks to Ralph Bernardo of Disinfo.

Heres Nas on the Colbert Report explaining the day’s protest.

Laura Leebove and Evan Lucy write on Billboard:

On the day Nas‘ untitled Def Jam album hit No. 1 on The Billboard 200, the rapper joined political groups Color of Change and Move On, along with fans and protesters, outside of the Fox News building in New York to protest the network’s portrayal of African-Americans.

Color of Change and Move On delivered several boxes containing a petition signed by more than 620,000 people to support their cause, although Fox News refused to accept them.

Nas briefly spoke to the crowd of nearly 100 people and urged them to “stop the racist smears on the Obamas and black Americans.” In his speech, he cited examples of remarks made by Fox reporters that he and supporters found to be racist, including a reference to Michelle Obama as Barack Obama’s “baby mama,” and a fist bump between the couple as a “terrorist fist jab.”

Color of Change director Andre Banks said the campaign began about a month ago as an e-mail to the group’s members. After hearing Nas’ Fox-themed song “Sly Fox” a couple of weeks ago, he wanted to contact the rapper in hopes to get his support. “(We said), ‘Let’s call up his people and see if we can make it happen,'” Banks said.

Read more.

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