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Updated: 10-14-2009 Order of Esoteric Research Discussion Annotation Links

Posted by invizweb on October 15, 2009

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Episode 9: My First Season Finale (Featuring Taylor Ellwood and Bryan Alvarez)

Posted by invizweb on October 31, 2007

Episode 9: My First Season Finale (Featuring Taylor Ellwood and Bryan Alvarez)

In the finale of the first season of my show, we celebrate Angel-Devil Day, Halloween (Samhain), and the Day of the Dead with two amazing encounters!! And this episode is definitely not for the faint of heart~!

As we are talking about lascivious subjects on the show such as trust and imagination and goals, if you are or consider yourself a minor, live in a state that teaches abstinence-only sex education, or just want to learn more about your body in a humorous manner, please visit the non-profit website Scarlet  Remember to donate to their cause as they  provide a service to the community at large!!

In the first half-hour I interview EsoZone speaker and Magickian Taylor Ellwood. Topics of discussion included: how he evoked hir significant other LUPA (the previous guest); how the mind can literally change the body; what gnosis is and how to achieve it through kink sex; and how to use SqueEnix RPG characters to enhance your sex magick~! (see the above warning~!)

You can read more from LUPA and Taylor Ellwood here.

In the second half-hour I interview the editor of, better known as Figure 4 Weekly Online, and the new host of the preeminent Wrestling Observer Live radio show, Super Chico Alvarez (whom Chris Jericho dubbed the next Frank Oz). We discuss: gymnastics; his time with the Youth Wrestling Federation; BUDDY WAYNE and Vinny V; and a Fortean encounter in Bothell, WA he will never forget.

What more can you ask for than two 5* interviews in one show? How about whacky ads from my colleagues at and

And thats all folks for the premiere season of the show.  In my time not podcasting I will be working on a text interview with the Meta-Magician Philip Farber and perhaps more Fools’ Gold reviews on Human Weapon.

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